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Expand the power of Elementor with new options and settings within the Elementor native editor

Elementor Extensions

Animated Headers

Beautiful scroll animations for headers, true sticky options, opacity and sizing changes on scroll, viewpoint options.

Timed Content

Show or hide elements before or after specific dates, switch elements at specific times, automate content releases.

Repeat Animations

Looped animations, restarting animations, expand the possibilities of modern, subtle movements and transitions.

Breakpoint CSS

Add custom CSS to any element that will only be applied on specific devices or at specific CSS breakpoints.

Sound Triggers

Integrate subtle sounds with native Elementor viewpoint animations and overall site development.

Elementor Fixes

Small fixes to enhance your experience with Elementor. Smart responsive content, expanded settings, bug fixes.

Add brand new elements within Elementor to expand the possibilities of your websites

Elementor Elements

Easy Tooltips

Extend your content delivery solutions with beautiful and clean tooltip options, easy to add to any post or page.

Smooth Popup Content

Beautifully presented content inside slide-in elements. Expand the possibility of content delivery and management.

Advanced Media

Add beautiful hover PDF books, scrolling dynamic device displays, other cool elements.

Expand WordPress as a whole without Elementor. All your favourite tools in one place.

Standalone Plugins

Quick Side Buttons

Add quick and beautiful side buttons to any website, increase lead generation, expand content delivery options.

Lock Down Site

Lock down your website so clients can view your beta site before it's live. Allow via IP or allow password access.

Form Storage

Store all form submissions for Elementor forms on the back-end, automate responses, get follow-up notifications.

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