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Municipal Police Services App

A local municipal police service required a better way to collect data from the field.

Tomorrow needed to incorporate images and GPS data into an all-in-one, easy-to-use mobile app.

A fully functional app that uploads on-scene data and pictures to police servers, while secure enough to be used by registered volunteers.

Non-Profit Fundraising Tools

A not-for-profit radio station needed an engaging way to raise funds to support Indigenous Peoples radio operations.

Tomorrow had to find a way to digitize popular in-person games like 50/50 draws and Bingo.

Completely custom web applications built from the foundations up, with secure ticket purchasing and randomization approved by the AGCO.

Learning Management System

Nuborrow needed a better way to connect with their clients online.

Tomorrow identified the client’s need for more than just a flashy website, that they required an entire framework to store and disseminate data.

A custom Learning Management System to develop, manage and provide data, submit credit score information, and even seek out housing values.

Member Management System

One Chamber of Commerce was struggling to find someone to refresh their woefully outdated website.

Tomorrow identified this chamber’s need for an entirely new member management system.

A system that automates many manual tasks and frees up chamber staff for other vital tasks. What started as a website refresh for one chamber, resulted in a Member Management System for all chambers.

iOS/Android App

ChamberMade needed many of its functions available on mobile devices.

We saw the need to add more functionality on mobile, including event registration and QR code implementation.

A from-the-ground-up app that allows chamber staff and volunteers to more easily connect with members on mobile devices, especially at in-person events and functions.

Non-Profit Fundraising Tools

Learning Management System

Member Management System

iOS/Android Systems

Business Management Systems

Member Management Systems

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

iOS Apps

Android Apps

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