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Anything more advanced than a website is considered a web application, and our Progressive Web Apps are cross-browser, cross-platform, modern, and clean.

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Go beyond a website and build literally anything you can think of, front-end or back-end, that loads in all modern browsers on all devices. Progressive web applications come in a variety of different platforms, each with different benefits, requirements, and limitations. We build accordingly.

  • Work with our in-house design, development, marketing, and coaching teams to formulate a plan of attack; what is the main purpose of your app, what problem is it solving, and is this the best way to solve it?
  • Our development team can accommodate any special requests or needs you may have, and if you’re not sure if something is possible or not it’s best to just ask – it probably is.
  • The best way to approach app development is to ask; will a part of my business benefit from having something built that is more advanced than just a website?
  • If the answer is yes, give us a call or email us today!

Progressive web application development platforms are always changing but we make sure to always stay ahead of the game when it comes to leveraging frameworks, libraries, systems, API’s, and overall development tools. We’re currently experts in React, Angular, Vue, and Ionic and we’re always learning.

It really depends on a number of different factors, but to generalize based on what we see as the average requirements for the average business, a truly well-built progressive web application in 2021 can cost anywhere from $20k-$200k. It is virtually impossible to quote a project without knowing the scope, scale, purpose, and a whole bunch of other metrics.

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